10 ‘Big Kid’ Milestones That Keep You From Missing The Baby Days

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When your kids are babies, it seems as though they’re hitting new milestones every day. If you’re organized enough to have a baby book, you’re probably getting writer’s cramp from documenting all of their amazing feats — sitting up unassisted, creeping, crawling, standing, walking — it’s an incredible time to be a parent. You might think that wide-eyed wonder is over once your kids have hit those all-important points in their development but that is where you would be wrong. Older kids have milestones too and they might be fewer and further between, but no less exciting. Here are the top 10 “big kid” milestones that will stop you from pining away for the baby days:

1. Losing Their First Tooth

tooth lost


My children have both lost a few teeth each but that first one was so bittersweet — there is no denying they’re getting older when they have gigantic adult teeth invading the space where their teeny baby ones used to be. If this one makes you feel sad about how old they’re getting, comfort yourself by making them say words like “Chipotle” with their new toothless situation. If nothing else, you can be entertained through your tears.

2. Solo Butt-Wiping



The day you are no longer responsible for another human being’s ass cleanliness is a glorious day indeed. I still have to help my son occasionally so this one is hopefully on the horizon for me soon.

3. Tying Their Shoes



No more back-breaking morning routine or leaning down to tie tiny shoes! I can’t wait for my son to get the hang of it because he is aging out of the sizes where Velcro is a guarantee. He needs to figure this out because Mommy’s too old and tired.

4. Riding A Bike Without Training Wheels

tearing up


If you’re prepared for a good Ugly Cry, teach your kid to ride their bike without training wheels. I don’t think many things are as poignant as watching your little one take off on their own.

5. Ditching All Sippy Cups

about time


It’s very freeing to not have to deal with valves and spouts and straws and whatever other equipment your child’s sippy cup involves. Just pouring drinks into regular cups and (mostly) having no one spill is a big lifestyle upgrade after spending years keeping track of all those annoying pieces.

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