The Entire ‘Twilight Saga’ Is Coming to Netflix This Month, So Clear Your Calendar and Hire a Babysitter

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Confession: I love the Twilight saga … an unhealthy amount. It’s embarrassing, and I am shamed by this confession. Because let’s be real: the books and the movies are GODAWFUL. There is no excuse for how bad they are, and I don’t care. When the books first came out, I devoured them with a fervent passion. Could not get enough. I was and am Team Edward till I die, in case you were wondering. Then, when the movies came out, I dragged my then-fiance to see them all one by one. I haven’t reread the books since they first came out, and I’ve only seen snippets of the movies in the last 10 years. But my love for this terrible saga still runs deep and pure. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Netflix is releasing the entire Twilight saga for streaming this month.

It was like Edward himself came to take me away and give me super strength and immortality.

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Netflix is releasing the entire Twilight saga on October 9. That includes Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2!

Until I read about this release, I had completely forgotten that there were five of these goddamn movies. In hindsight, it seems … excessive. I get that each book needed it’s own movie, but lord. And when you consider each movie was a couple of hours and some change, so many of us wasted a not insignificant amount of our lives on watching movies about vampires falling in love with humans. And now for my next confession: I’m to waste hours of my life watching them again on October 9. You know you are, too.

The Twilight saga is definitely one of those things that you probably shouldn’t watch more than once. But I am so curious to see how my cynical ass deals with them now.

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The brooding! The angst! And who could forget that ridiculous notion of imprinting which made Jacob fall in love WITH A BABY?? Ahhhhhh, I’m so excited. I’m sure 10-years-ago me found it all very sweet and romantic. But older, jaded me will probably scream at the TV.

Join me, readers, as I binge-watch the Twilight saga starting October 9. Let us bask in the shame and glory of this delightfully terrible love story.

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