Mom Posts Jaw-Dropping Video Comparing Single Pregnancy to Twin Pregnancy

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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ve witnessed first hand just how much your body changes. More specifically, you’ve probably been in awe of just how much your belly can grow. It’s pretty amazing, really. But if you’ve ever given birth to twins, you know that the belly can grow even larger than you ever thought possible. Housing two little ones is quite the feat, and a mama’s belly will expand to make sure they’ve got enough room in there. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to compare a single-fetus pregnancy to a twin pregnancy? One vlogger just did, and the results will have you floored.

Natalie Bennett is a 24-year-old YouTuber who focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and motherhood. Bennett is currently mom to twin toddler boys and is also in her last trimester of pregnancy with a baby girl. As you might imagine, she’s incredibly busy these days (not to mention tired, I bet!) Still, that hasn’t stopped her from documenting her pregnancy again. And more recently, she’s decided to compare her first pregnancy with her twins to her current single-baby pregnancy. Using photos and video, she’s been able to give side-by-side comparisons of both bellies, and the results are pretty damn surprising.

Take a look at this Imgur photo that shows Bennett’s belly at 36 weeks. On the left is her pregnant with her twin boys, while the right is of her more recently pregnant with her daughter.

Can you tell the difference?

Twin vs Single pregnancy

YouTube / Natalie Bennett

Yeah, that’s a hell of a difference.

It must be even more astounding for Bennett herself to see just how differently her body has carried her babies. Thank goodness for technology allowing folks to document their pregnancies this way, though, right? Definitely couldn’t have noted the differences as much back in the day. Take a look at Bennett’s full video below to get the full effect of the comparison.

[youtube_iframe id=”2oHG3dwmYiA”]

Bennett tells us in her video that her belly measures 41 inches around with her single pregnancy, and we can only imagine that her former belly was almost twice as large. It seems lots of folks are interested in learning more about the comparison as well as the video now has over 79,000 views.

Have you ever been pregnant with a single baby and then multiples? Did you notice just what a difference it made in your belly? Document it and send it to us and we might be able to feature you as well.