10 Easter Egg Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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I am all for doing things the easy way. I’m definitely an involved mom that likes doing crap with my kids, but everything that I craft and everything that I cook must have roughly five steps or less.

I’m very excited to celebrate Easter with my toddler this year since he finally understands what’s going on. But I have to confess—I’ve been dreading the thought of dyeing Easter eggs. From what I remember, Easter egg dyeing was a long and arduous process that usually ended with broken eggs and broken hearts (i.e., one of my parents sighing in frustration and/or yelling at me). Not so much fun on the Lord’s holiday.

I want to protect my children’s fragile psyches and also have fun dyeing Easter eggs, dammit! Fortunately for me, the Lord also created Pinterest so that I could research Easter egg hacks to keep the peace and keep my family together.

Don’t lose your shit by dyeing Easter eggs the old-fashioned way. Use these incredibly uncomplicated Easter egg tricks that put the “easy” back in Easter:

1. Boil some eggs and smear paint on them with Q-tips—voilà!

2. Psychedelic swirl Easter eggs made easy with food coloring and shaving cream.

3. Just use this whisk, ya dummy!

4. Roll your Easter eggs around in glitter and sand, ya dummy!

5. Chalkboard paint + chalk = Awesomely easy hipster Easter eggs

6. Make like Jackson Pollock with a dribble dye job.

7. Slap a trendy temp tattoo on that bitch egg.

8. Get cray with the hot glue gun.

9. Use washi tape on Easter eggs so that your kids don’t make a mess.

10. Save money on paint and get rid of old nail polish. WIN.

Will you be trying any of these out? Let us know!

(originally published on Apr 7, 2014)