The Official Mommyish Holiday Drinking Game!

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Merry Christmas! What’s more festive than getting crunk on holidays? Why just slowly sip your wine all day, when you can make a fun game out of the annoying things your family is doing? Let’s all play the First Annual Mommyish Holiday Drinking Game!

Here are the rules: drink every time someone does something annoying. I’ve posted a guide below. Report back throughout the day to tell us how it’s going. If you have any ideas for more drinking cues, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them throughout the day. If I’m not at the movies.

Let’s play!

  • Drink every time your mom comments on something you’re eating.
  • Drink every time someone tries to give your kid a cookie before dinner.
  • Drink every time your MIL gets nostalgic about the way she prepares holiday meals (read – way better than you)



  • Drink every time someone expects you to help with something because you are a woman.
  • Drink every time a male member of your family retires to the couch to wait for the meal to be ready.



  • Drink every time someone asks how much longer the ham/turkey/whatever has to cook.
  • Drink every time your SIL compares your respective children’s milestones.
  • Drink every time you stop yourself from rolling your eyes.
  • Drink every time your weird uncle expects you to laugh at one of his terrible jokes.
  • Drink every time someone complains about “liberals.”



  • Drink every time your MIL brings up your husband’s ex-girlfriend from college.
  • Drink every time someone asks you if your child will be getting a sibling soon.
  • Drink every time your mom comments on how much you’re drinking.