8-Year-Old Learns to Drive on YouTube so He Can Drive to McDonald’s

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Some kids use YouTube to learn how to sew, while others use it to improve their skills at Minecraft. And then there is this 8-year-old Ohio boy who used YouTube videos to learn how to drive a car so he could take himself and his four-year-old sister to McDonald’s. Dear God, please don’t let my seven-year-old find out about this. According to Fox8, the joyride took place on Sunday night. The children’s father had worked all day and gone to bed early, and their mother had fallen asleep on the couch, so the boy loaded his sister into their dad’s work van and cruised to McDonald’s.

Seriously, whaat?

The eight-year-old maneuvered the van over railroad tracks, through four intersections, and even managed some left and right turns. According to witnesses, the boy followed all traffic laws and obeyed the speed limit.

LOL forever.

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When the kids arrived at Mickey D’s, family friends who happened to be there notified the children’s grandparents, who in turn called the police. The kids managed to order and receive their cheeseburgers before the police arrived at the Golden Arches. When the responding officer questioned the little boy, he said he’d learned how to drive by watching YouTube videos.


YouTube must be so stoked right now.

I seriously feel for these parents. My kids are almost the same age and I doze off on the couch all the time. The only difference between these kids and mine is that mine take pleasure in standing in front of me and screaming to wake me up. That always bugged the shit out of me but at least they’re not taking my car out for a spin (note to self: hide car keys).

Apparently, this little boy’s joyride is still under investigation, but I sure hope McDonald’s gives this family a lifetime supply of burgers, and maybe a gift certificate to Uber.

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