Amazingly Confused Couple Sues When Woman Becomes Pregnant After Being Prescribed Prenatal Vitamins Instead Of Birth Control Pills

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shutterstock_62463529I love it when people are confused and instead of taking responsibility for being completely out-to-lunch they decide to sue someone. Just kidding. I don’t love that at all. But if you do – you’re going to love this couple from Wisconsin who blamed an unwanted pregnancy on the clinic that accidentally prescribed prenatal vitamins instead of birth control pills.

Shelby Neil and her child’s father Austin Omernick tried to sue the clinic for damages and the cost of raising their child. From MSN news:

In the lawsuit, filed in 2010, Nell said she received prenatal vitamins instead of birth control pills when she went to have her prescription filled in February 2009. She said a clinic doctor confirmed the pills were actually vitamins more than a month after she received them, but by then she already was pregnant. She delivered a healthy boy that December, her second son.


Admittedly, it’s bad when a doctor prescribes the wrong thing. In some cases, it can be lethal. In this case it wasn’t though, as prenatal vitamins are pretty gross but can’t kill you. Is anyone wondering the same thing that I’m wondering? How in the heck did this woman actually believe that the horse pill that is a prenatal vitamin was actually a birth control pill? Birth control pills are little bitty things that come in a cute little package. Am I wrong about this? Are there birth control pills in existence that aren’t the size of a Tic-Tac?

The court ruled that a parent must have “undergone an unsuccessful sterilization before he or she can make claims for costs relating to raising a child from an unwanted pregnancy.” The appeals court said the couple could recover damages “for pain and suffering during and after her pregnancy, loss of future earning capacity and postpartum depression.”

I know what you may be thinking – it’s not her fault the clinic prescribed her the wrong pills. It’s not her fault that she became pregnant with a child she does not want. But to that, all I can say is – doesn’t anyone value common sense anymore? For the love of God and everything holy – birth control pills and prenatal vitamins look and taste nothing alike. And birth control pills have never turned my pee a strange fluorescent color. It’s not like these were a couple of teenagers who didn’t know better. They are adults with other children. I’m sorry, but I don’t think they can place the blame on anyone but themselves.

And I seriously hope their child never Googles this whole fiasco.

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