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Kelly Rowland Gets Real Honest About How Messed up Your Lady Bits Are After Birth

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Real talk: having a baby puts your body through hell. Kelly Rowland found this out the hard way; by taking a look at her lady parts post-birth! In her new book, Whoa, Baby! the singer goes into detail about the discovery of her postpartum body and specifically the vagina after baby. “Even as I was gazing for the first time at my gorgeous miracle of a son, I was beginning to feel a little concerned about how much my vajayjay hurt.”

Well, I mean, she did just push a person out of it.

As strong and stretchy as the vagina is, that is definitely going to make it hurt! As if the vagina pain wasn’t enough, she also mentions “The excruciating pain every time I hobbled to the toilet, the HUGE floppy belly, and the days — make that weeks — of bleeding,” The bleeding was the absolute worst! Thank God for those super huge, diaper like pads that you get from the hospital!

Convinced that this wasn’t normal, she turned to her gynecologist, Tristan Emily Bickman, MD (who is also a co-author of Whoa, Baby!) for clarification. “Why was it (her vagina) all loose and floppy—would it always be like this? Was it ever going to be cute again?” she asked. Well of course! Dr. Bickman assured her that it would be.


The vagina took a beating; the hole is still rather small, and even if your baby is average in terms of size, it’s like pushing a watermelon out of something the size of like…a kiwi. Tearing of the vagina during birth is super common, approximately 95 percent of moms tear during birth (I didn’t, but I was super lucky.) The poor thing can only stretch so much and when you spend a long time pushing, it’s going to be overworked. “I made the mistake of getting out a mirror and trying to study the situation. Talk about the world’s worst idea!”

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She admits “That bloody battlefield was my vagina?” Major round of applause to Rowland for even looking down there!


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Even though Rowland let curiosity get the better of her and took a peek at her downstairs, she doesn’t advise it for other new moms. “You’re not doing anyone any favors with that cell-phone camera. Save it for snaps of your baby’s adorable mug.” She’s absolutely right. Save the snaps for your squishy little baby, not your beat up vajay.