This Mom Asked to Reschedule an Eclipse Because Her Kid Has School, and the Internet Can’t Handle It

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A major solar eclipse is coming up on August 21, and museums and communities all over the country are making plans to watch it. One place a person could watch the eclipse is at the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas. The Perot Museum is holding a free solar eclipse party from 12-2 on the day of the event. But one mom asks to reschedule eclipse and it made everyone lose it.

Hey that sounds like a cool event! If only it weren’t scheduled for the early afternoon on a Monday when kids are in school.

One mom, in a mistake she will probably never live down, actually posted a comment to the museum’s Facebook page asking if the event could be rescheduled. Kids are in school at that time, she said. Why not hold it on the weekend?

That might have been a reasonable suggestion for a kid-friendly event like this. Except, you know, it’s an eclipse-watching party. It has to happen during the eclipse.

You can’t reschedule eclipse, because it’s the sun.


Facebook / Kodi Wynn


The internet lost no time pointing that out to her.

Oh dear. She really did just ask the museum to reschedule the sun. This reminds me of my friend who worked at Disney and said visitors were constantly asking him to turn off the rain.

Of course, nobody on the Internet could let an opening like that go by.

Someone helpfully offered to reschedule.

April 8th, 2024, is the next solar eclipse. One can’t help but wonder if he knew that off the top of his head, or if he had to Google for it.

The original comment was deleted, but comedy writer Kodi Wynn recognized comedy gold when she saw it. She captured screenshots for posterity.

Everyone is having a ball with this.

The Perot Museum Facbook page has also turned into an impromptu Open Mic night. The whole page is full of people asking for the eclipse to be rescheduled.

reschedule eclipse

We can’t actually reschedule the sun to fit the school day. It would be great if we could. Unfortunately, we parents are just stuck obeying the same laws of space and time as everyone else.

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