Killjoy Principal Makes Kid Change Out of His Princess Elsa Costume Just Because He’s a Boy

When you are a school and you host a “Disney Day,” you must be prepared for literally everyone to dress up as Princess Elsa from Frozen. But one California school decided to host a Disney Day and then ruined everything by punishing one kid for showing up dressed as Elsa, just because he was a boy.

According to KTLA News 5, 13-year-old Austin Lacey dressed up as Elsa for Disney Day at his school last Thursday. The spirit day event specifically encouraged kids to dress up in Disney costumes, and Lacey went all out on his Elsa look. He had a wig and everything. It was pretty cool.

But then the principal allegedly told him to take off the costume because he’s a boy, and boys can’t wear girls’ clothes.

The school superintendent reportedly supported the principal’s call, saying: “This action was taken in accordance with district policies. At no time was there an indication that the student was expressing any particular message. The Principal’s action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment.”

General disruption to the school environment? They’d already told everyone to show up dressed as Disney characters. The school was literally asking for kids to show up dressed as Disney characters. Lacey did exactly what he was supposed to, and his classmates reportedly loved it. Now they’re mad at the principal, too. Lacey does not identify as trans, but the principal’s admonishment appears to have made the school aware of the idea that they’re all supposed to be adhering to socially prescribed gender norms while at school, and they don’t seem to like it much.

According to SheKnows, the students at Lacey’s school are planning a crossdressing protest for this week to assert that students should be able to express who they are. It’s pretty heartening to see a class of 13-year-olds come together like that over something they think isn’t right. Now instead of one kid dressing up as Elsa for Spirit Day, the whole class is protesting gender stereotypes, and that’s pretty cool.


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