Disney’s Doc McStuffins Featured a Two-Mom Family, Because Love Is Love in McStuffinsville

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Just when I think I can’t love Disney’s wonderful Doc McStuffins any more, they raise the bar. Doc McStuffins already included a young black girl who is a doctor for toys, with a stay-at-home dad and a mom who is a real doctor. Episodes address the need to eat healthy, exercise, and talk about our feelings. Now a recent episode of Doc McStuffins included a family with two moms. The usual bigots are calling for a boycott and a protest. But this just makes Doc McStuffins better than ever.

Doc McStuffins’ two-mom family.

The two-mom family was introduced without any fanfare or pre-episode press. The episode wasn’t even about them being two moms raising babies. It was an episode about being prepared for emergencies, and the family Doc helped just happened to have two moms.

“The Emergency Plan” started when a toy dinosaur started jumping up and down in the street in McStuffinsville. The jumping caused an earthquake, and a family of dolls had to run for cover. The doll family has two moms, voiced by Wanda Sykes and Portia DiRossi. The dolls have a little boy and a baby girl.

The family gets split up in the earthquake. Doc finds them and helps them find each other. She asks Wanda Sykes’ character where there emergency meeting place is, and discovers that the dolls don’t have an emergency plan.

Then Doc and her toys go on to explain that all families need an emergency plan. She explains that means they need an emergency kit, and a plan for where to meet if they get separated. It’s useful and important information for any kid.


The cast and crew want to see their families represented.

Wanda Sykes says her kids watch Doc McStuffins, and she loves the show.

“The diversity of the show, and having an African-American little girl be the star of the show, and also be a doctor, it sends a great message,” said Wanda Sykes.

She particularly likes that her children, a boy and a girl like the kids in the doll family, can see an interracial family with two moms, just like theirs, on TV.

Executive producer Chris Nee wrote the episode. She has a wife and a son, and has been thinking for years about the possibility of showing a family with same-sex parents on Doc McStuffins. She says she wanted her son to see a family that looks like his on TV.

The handful of loud bigots going by One Million Moms is, of course, protesting with all their might. They’ve started a petition against the show and are demanding Disney remove it and never air it again.

“Families will not be able to allow Disney Channel in their homes if the network veers away from family-friendly entertainment,” they said.

There’s nothing more family-friendly than showing families sticking together, like the family in this episode. The two moms are a family, and this is the very definition of family-friendly.

One Million Moms probably won’t have any more luck with this crusade than when they tried to get JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres.

My toddler loves Doc McStuffins, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We can watch the episode here.

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(Image: Disney Junior)