The Most Utterly Heartwarming Quotes On Family And Motherhood From Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

Michelle Obama

For those of you who didn’t watch Michelle Obama’s speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, you need to. The meditation on marriage, family, and motherhood — including fun anecdotes about the Obama’s premarital courtship — was expertly delivered. Michelle’s rousing words not only lit up the Twittersphere, but generated a record 28,003 tweets per minute. Twitter reports that a single line from her 25-minute delivery, “we’ve got so much more to do,” garnered 22,004 tweet per minute on its own.

But all the glowing responses aside, Michelle’s DNC speech was filled (no doubt strategically) with sweet, genuine soundbites regarding her goals as a mother — particularly as an American parent among many other American parents. She yanked at heart strings with details about her own less than wealthy upbringing and the struggles of Obama’s single mother. But Michelle also warmly shared how she is trying to raise her own kids, what she esteems her father’s successes to be, and some glimpses into her own date night.

So jot these down for your “inspirational quotes” journal or consider scrawling them on the inside of birthday/anniversary/graduation cards. They are definitely lines worth stealing.


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