Delaware Courthouse Gunfight Sounds Like Domestic Drama Gone Horribly Wrong

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delaware shootingThe latest chapter in America’s extended gun violence nightmare is here. It comes from a Delaware courthouse where three were shot to death and two were wounded. The violence, which was referred to as a “gunfight” by officials, seemed to stem from a domestic dispute that escalated out of control.

The shooting occurred at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware. According to Mayor Dennis Williams, the suspected gunman entered the courthouse and fatally shot his estranged wife and another unidentified female. He also wounded two police officers, though their injuries were non-life threatening. The gunman was then shot to death by police.

This is the latest tragedy of gun violence to plague the country. So far, it’s hard to tell if recent months have really seen an increase in gun crime, or if the media is simply covering the cases more closely, given the intense public reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

The battle for control has taken center stage in political media, with the NRA running anti-Obama ads and Gabby Giffords announcing a new gun control organization. The emotional debate has turned every news story where a gun is involved into a political statement, with some vehemently opposing even the use of the term “gun violence.”

From school shootings to parental murder-suicide, we’ve definitely seen an increased focus on the horrific acts of violence like the one that took place in Delaware today. It’s sad to think that some will look at this case and think, “Well, only three died.” Others might say, “At least there were no children.” Some have become so desensitized to these deaths that nothing short of a massacre inspires emotion or grief anymore.

Three people died in a courtroom today. Two more were shot and injured. Dozens lived through the terror of having a gunman walk in and open fire, or witnessing violent murder. The fact that this is “just another in a long line of gun violence stories,” is almost as horrific as the crime itself.

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