Walmart Fails Spectacularly With Back-to-School Sign Placement

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Summer is winding down, so parents and kids are heading out to get their back-to-school shopping done and we’ve got our first back-to-school fail already. Pencils, notebooks, new clothes and shoes, backpacks, and … guns? If you’re a Walmart shopper, the signage in one of their stores in Indiana might have had you scratching your head and double-checking the supply list. A sign advertising back-to-school somehow made it’s way onto a full gun rack in the store.

A back-to-school fail sign that reads “Own the School Year Like a Hero” over a rack of guns. You really can’t make this stuff up.

A picture of the sign was posted on Twitter and, as you can imagine, went viral REAL quick. The poster tagged Walmart in the original tweet, and to their credit, they responded and apologized immediately.

Based on Walmart’s response, it really seems like this wasn’t a mistake. We’re not sure exactly how they were able to find the store and remove the sign and apologize in 18 minutes. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones confused on the timing.

First rule of social media: always ask to see receipts.

Jared on Twitter wants details! When, where, how the hell?!

At this point, we still don’t know how the sign ended up over a gun display. But according to the store manager of store #1341, it was never there.

We have to say, we feel pretty sorry for Vik and Dean. They came into work yesterday, probably happy it was Hump Day, and then this shitshow falls into their laps. It’s Walmart, you KNOW they don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit! They just want to get back to dealing with customers who’re angry about bread and their favorite dish soap being out of stock.

So either the sign was there and was removed, or it was never there, and or maybe it was those meddling kids. Just another day in Wally World! It’s not exactly a stretch to assume the sign was moved as a joke. But this is also a store that sells guns alongside diapers, so <shrug emoji>.

Another Twitter user tweeted the same picture, and Walmart again responded and apologized immediately.

But Twitterer Jordan was not having this shit today, oh no. NOT TODAY, WALMART.

Whichever side of the gun debate you fall on, we think everyone can agree that firearms probably shouldn’t be included in any back-to-school signage or advertising. The last thing we need is another debate over school supplies, so let’s place this one squarely on the “Nope” list, shall we?

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(Image: Twitter/@JordanUhl)