‘Honest Girl Scouts’ Are Afraid Transgender Girls Will Rape Your Daughters

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[UPDATE: Mommyish readers are buying more Girl Scout cookies in response to the Honest Girl Scout campaign]

It wasn’t that long ago that we happily reported that Girl Scouts of America announced its acceptance of transgender girls. Following the refusal of a transgender 7-year-old Bobby Montoya who wanted to join but was turned away on account of her biology, the organization responded by stating that Girl Scouts was available to all children who identified as girls. Mothers on our site happily applauded the measure as getting with the times, doing what’s best for the kids, and promoting acceptance and tolerance with children.

But now, a sect of the organization that have announced themselves to be “Honest Girl Scouts” asks that you boycott all girl scout cookies for a mountain of scary “progressive” reasons — and transgender girls is only one of them.

On their website, these Honest Girl Scouts present a video from a 14-year-old girl named Taylor who tells you that she has been a Girl Scout for eight years, a little more than half her life. She informs viewers of the protest, detailing and citing the story of 7-year-old Bobby Montoya and telling you that transgender girls are now in troops all in the country — and unaccounted for! Although it may sound like she’s suggesting tagging the ear of every transgender girl like a bear in Yosemite, she cites Girl Scouts’ own research in explaining how the all-girls experience has been benefiting girls for years. And letting any “transgender boy” into the group may jeopardize what Girl Scouts has always managed to promote, as well as the safety of the little girls who may find themselves sleeping in tents with transgender girls.

Well-spoken and on top of her facts this young girl may be, but she tactfully calls transgender girls by the wrong term, reminding parents that these kids with gender dysphoria have penises under those skirts and at any moment’s notice, perhaps sexually attack young dedicated Girl Scouts everywhere. [tagbox tag=”transgender children”]

As ludicrous as this assertion is to anyone who knows anything about transgender children, including their struggles with identity and their relationships with their bodies, Honest Girl Scouts is totally making this argument of children’s safety now that the “scary” transgender kids are filling the ranks.

A quick jaunt to their website reveals how frightened they are with Girl Scout’s slide towards becoming allegedly “pro-abortion” and “pro-lesbian” by offering speaking opportunities to women from the LGBTQ community — remarkable, well-accomplished women like Annise Parker, the mayor of Houston and the first openly gay mayor of a major city, and her partner Kathy Hubbard who works as a treasurer for Planned Parenthood, another organization that helps young girls everyday with fact-based information about contraception, sexual health, and rape counseling.

Other “pro-lesbian” women make the list too, like Katie Couric who in addition to her impressive contributions to professional women and working motherhood is blamed for “handing [her kids] over to strangers” so that she could continue with her notable career.

Other scare tactics line the website about how Planned Parenthood and Girl Scouts have partnered to make “explicit sex ed” for kids along side an announced “factoid” that “radical feminist” icon Betty Friedan, author of The Feminist Mystique, was on the board of GSUSA for 12 years. Perhaps she was, but it’s hardly a secret among feminist circles that Betty Friedan was outwardly homophobic and initially refused to acknowledge lesbians at all in her rather limited version of achieving rights for women and mothers. Lesbians weren’t really women at all to Friedan who initially refused to even recognize their rights in her organization NOW (National Organization for Women) until around 1971.

But just as Betty had to confront her prejudices and concede to her “very square” discomfort with homosexuality, I imagine these Honest Girl Scouts will as well. However, scaring parents with threats of rape to their little girls and demonizing children who want to participate in community service, in raising money, in learning skills, has to be the cheapest trick I’ve seen in 2012.

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