Your Grief Doesn’t Excuse Being A Racist Toddler-Slapper, Jerk

Man Accused Of Slapping Toddler on Plane Maria Guido shared with you the heartwarming and cheerful  terrifying and creepy news that this 60-year-old executive on a Delta flight got all cranky with a 19-month-old baby and did what normal people do, ordered an extra cocktail and put on headphones, slapped the baby while yelling racial slurs at the mother. But it’s okay guys, we can all forgive him because the man who slapped the toddler on the plane claims he was grieving! From the Daily Mail:

Joe Rickey Hundley, 60, of Hayden, pleaded not guilty to federal assault charges on Wednesday after allegedly striking the 19-month-old boy in the face last February, court documents filed in Atlanta show.

Hundley’s lawyer said he had been traveling to Atlanta to decide whether to remove his son from life support after being told just 24 hours earlier that he had overdosed on insulin

Hundley’s son was ‘in a coma for life,’ attorney Marcia Shein said in a statement. ‘On the flight, he was in distress, upset and grieving,’ she said.

The boy’s mother, Jessica Bennett of Minneapolis who is white, was seated with her adopted black son, Jonah, when she says Hundley struck her child after using a racial slur directed at them.

‘Shut that n****r baby up,’ he allegedly told the mother while their Delta Airlines flight was descending from Minneapolis into Atlanta. 

Yeah, we can all agree that having to take your child off life-support is a horrible tragedy for any parents to go through, but it’s still no excuse for slapping a baby and using awful slurs while doing so.

The assault charge carries a $100,000 fine and a maximum penalty of a year in jail.

The task of proving his innocence may be difficult for Hundley, according to Bennett family attorney John Thompson, who told ABC that there were numerous witnesses who saw him strike Jonah – including a federal air marshal.

I can’t imagine a parent filled with so much sorrow and anger that they would do something like this. I can see crying in your airplane seat. I can see getting a bit drinky. But considering you just lost your own child wouldn’t that make you more sympathetic to other children and remember how your own kid was at the age of under two? This guy is a jerk. My kids are a lot older than babies now, but if I were a mom this sort of thing would make me so paranoid about flying with a toddler or infant. I can remember being on a flight with my son when he was that age and he cried at landing due to the air-pressure and everyone around us was super sympathetic and kind. But if some old dude raised a hand to him lemme tell you, I would have smacked him in his mouth-hole. And then again for being a racist creep.

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