Sorry To Break It To You Kim Kardashian, But Elective C-Sections Aren’t Glamorous Or Pain-Free

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shutterstock_135391739__1371299750_142.196.156.251I think every woman gets to the point in her pregnancy when she suddenly realizes that this little bundle of joy that is kicking inside of her is going to have to come out. Yes, I guess we theoretically realize from the get-go that it’s how things work, but I’m telling you that there is always a moment of panic when you stop, look down at your huge belly and think, Holy shit. How are you going to come out of there? I think Kim Kardashian is at that point, since there are now rumors that she is going the elective c-section route.

LIfe & Style magazine reports, “sources say her sights are set on surgery — “telling her girlfriends at her June 2 baby shower that she is petrified about giving birth and would do anything for it not to hurt.” I don’t want to rain on anyone’s fear parade – but c-sections hurt. A lot. Obviously not during the procedure. You can’t feel anything but pressure while it’s going on. But afterwards? Standing, walking, peeing, laughing, sneezing, coughing – all of these benign actions produce pangs of pain I didn’t know were possible.

The magazine also reports that Kanye West is adamantly against any unnecessary medical procedures – c-section included. You may remember that his mother tragically died after cosmetic surgery gone wrong. I think he has a reason to be a little paranoid here.

Couples should have their babies in whatever way they see fit. But I always shake my head at the whole “too posh to push” notion. Recovering from a c-section is not exactly glamorous. Ask the nurse who administers suppositories to the women recovering from c-sections on the labor and delivery ward.

I know there are some people who claim to have no pain with childbirth – but I think on the whole it’s better to just realize that yes, this baby is going to need to come out and it’s probably going to hurt at some point. I wish I had a natural labor of my own to reference, but I don’t. I just have stories of friends who have told me that recovering from a vaginal birth and the pain of labor is no walk in the park. And I have my own reference point – having had two c-sections – to know that recovering from a c-section is painful, too.

Sorry Kim. You’re probably not going to be able to avoid pain at some point. I know it’s scary – but what everyone says is true. Looking at your baby’s cute little fingers and toes will get you through the rough parts.

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