What Does Your Child Like Better – Chloe Or Dior? Kid’s London Fashion Week

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designer kids clothing Even though I once admitted I have zero issue with the occasional item of designer clothing for kids, I find the idea of couture for babies and kids probably one of the most vomitus constructs ever. Every other month I spend around $16 (Plus about $5 on an whipped iced gazillion calorie Starbucks frappe whatever thingy) on Vogue Bambini. It’s a magazine like Vogue, except it’s for kids and babies. I love print magazines, I love really beautifully done expensive magazines (Donna Hay, anyone?) that are art-directed so heavily the staples threaten to pop off the binding, dreamy editorials featuring beautiful items set in beautiful locales that I could never visit. It’s my jam. I love designer couture, travel, interior design and food porn.

And because I’m a batshit crazy old lady, I love waving my issues of Vogue Bambini around and yelling at no one “Who the hell would put their child in a $600 Gucci mac when their kid will just drool all over it?” and “Why do THEY think it’s OK to put lipstick on a child?” That’s right, when you get to be the ripe age of 43 you yell at magazines like they can hear you. But I still love them! So when I saw that The Daily Beast had covered London Fashion Week for kids, I knew it was something I could yell at my computer screen about.

Another mother who was at the show but didn’t want to be named said: “It was completely over the top and you wouldn’t want to take it too seriously.

It was like a proper fashion show, pumping music, and the production values were every bit as good as Fashion Week.

The children on the catwalk were really brave, really working it.

Some of the clothes were great, some were way over the top and some were way too expensive.

Of course, when you come away from it, you think, ‘God, do I really want to expose my child to picking clothes out from a catwalk?’ Of course it’s scary when you see a child saying, ‘I only want to wear Dior or Chloe’ but I think you have to take it with a pinch of salt.”


The children on the catwalk were really brave.. HA! Like these pint-size Karlie Kloss‘s were suffering from some rare life-threatening disease.

It is disturbing to think that in some cities, there are kids who brag during recess about their Little Marc Jacobs sweater or their Burberry dress, and what happens when one of these kids gets finger-paint on the cashmere or falls off their bike while wearing a pair of $200 denim?

As much as I love looking at pretty magazines and pretty clothing and on occasion spending a pile of money on an item for my children – for the most part, I find this whole thing amazingly stupid. Kids need to wear things that they can play in, explore in, run in, and get filthy in. Their clothing should keep them warm in winter and cool in summer and from wandering around the earth naked.

Children’s clothing should not be used as some sort of bragging point on the playground. We have Squinkies collections for that.

(Photo: Vogue Bambini, Tumblr)