I’ll See Your Gory Fetus And Raise You A Giant Vagina

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484675_598016316895069_910584986_nThe University of Cincinnati was home to an anti-choice demonstration last year called the “Genocide Project.” It featured giant posters of aborted fetuses. Lovely. To counter a display that many considered “offensive” the college’s LGBTQ Alliance organized a pro-woman project called “Re-envisioning the Female Body.” Twelve giant posters of vaginas are now on display on the campus. Some days, the news just makes me smile. This is one of those days.

Of course, giant pictures of vaginas aren’t going to be supported by everyone – namely the anti-choice group that brought their very different but equally shocking and “offensive” project to the campus last fall. News 12 quotes one woman’s response to the posters of aborted fetuses: “As a feminist and as an activist I came to campus and saw these terrible pictures of mutilated fetuses on campus and essentially felt attacked by my body, by being a woman, having a vagina, being attacked for it and legislated for it.” Many women on campus felt the need to respond to a protest they felt attacked by. The anti-choice group made their bed. Now they have to lie in it – surrounded by giant vaginas.

Each picture has a quote from a woman about her experiences. Some speak of sexuality, some abuse, and others self-image. The pro-life group insists that the project doesn’t address the issue of abortion, claiming it’s “just pictures of naked women. There’s no constructive debate on the issue of abortion which students for life would be happy to address.”

The University President refused to block the project, referring to it as a “first amendment right and a teachable moment.” I agree. Personally, I’d rather see a giant picture of a vagina over a giant picture of an aborted fetus any day. Maybe this will make all the anti-choicers out there realize that they don’t corner the market on shock value. At the end of the day – I guess I just love pissing off people that don’t agree with a woman’s right to choice.

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