16 Ways To Make A Working Mom’s Life More Bearable

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Take your backhanded compliment and shove it


Image: Cheezburger

You don’t need to tell us how “spirited” our child is. No need to say that our kid is, “so well-behaved for a latchkey kid.” Definitely, don’t need you to tell me what a great job I’m doing for “someone who only sees their kids for 4–hours a day.” We know our kid might be acting out. We get it; you think that a good mom should be home to greet her children with warm homemade cookies when they get off the bus. We even got the memo that working moms should spend more time with their children. But maybe you missed the memo about the fact that working moms work to make money to help feed, clothe and house their babies. Ever think working moms work because they have to?

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