Some Moms Are Taking Homemade Valentines For Their Kid’s Class Way Too Seriously

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I know I was mean and judgy the other day about moms losing their minds for the Tooth Fairy. Yes, what other moms do is their business but poking fun at it is (literally) mine so today, I want to talk about moms crafting super elaborate Valentines for their kid’s class. I mean, why? If candy is attached, does any mom really think a kid will give shits about their adorable puns and die-cut prowess? And come on- don’t we all remember when the kid with the Valentines that had the lollipops stuck through the little holes was the coolest kid in class? I certainly do. In a sea of character cards with nothing attached, that little lollipop card was basically Valentine gold. Now, that lollipop card is bare bones to some moms who go completely Pinteresty for their kid’s school Valentines:

1. Kids Don’t Care About Lollipop Clothes

I promise- none of them will appreciate the super hero masks and capes that you painstakingly designed, cut and attached to 24 lollipops. Naked candy will be just as big of a hit and you won’t be up until 2 am making teensy clothing for Blow Pops.



2. Other Kids Don’t Need A Picture Of Your Kid

For relatives, this is cute, but if my kid brings home a Valentine with a photo of a random classmate, I can promise you it’s going straight into the garbage. I have enough trouble keeping track of my own kid’s artwork and photos. I am not hanging on to a pic of your precious snowflake.



3. We Don’t Want Your Germs

It might be precious to assemble tiny Valentine s’mores kits to hand out. Go ahead and do it but know that in the midst of flu season, I am not letting my kid eat it knowing you and your kid with his booger hands probably touched it. Don’t waste your time. Or your hand-made heart-shaped marshmallows.

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