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21 Baby Name Ideas You’re Guaranteed Not To Have Thought Of

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Not so long ago, picking names for a new baby was a relatively simple process. Of course, parents wanted a name they liked, but there were unwritten rules that were generally obeyed. Baby girls and boys were named based on strong personality traits or perhaps given family names, or even names that drew on cultural heritage.

Nowadays, things are different, especially in America. Sure, many parents still give their little one’s names with specific meanings or in honor of grandparents or other relatives. But we’ve also branched out. New babies may be named for healthy foods or habits. Names come from books, celebrities, movies, television, and even video games. Names honor our love of nature or are inspired by traditional cultural titles. Old names may be given an unusual spin with a new spelling or hyphenation. Sometimes names are made up completely.

Are you looking for something truly unique? Something guaranteed not to be heard in your local baby & me yoga class or duplicated in your little one’s kindergarten class? Read on for some ideas you’re guaranteed to never have thought up on your own!

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