What Your Baby’s Crib Says About You

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cribThe crib is the visual focal point of any nursery. Besides being the place where your baby will likely spend most of his time (second only to your arms) the type of crib you chose for your baby says a lot about you as a parent. Sure it needs to be functional, but style will inevitably be a consideration. Here’s what your baby’s crib says about you.


1. Your baby sleeps in a laundry basket

Your first born slept on organic muslin sheets and a mattress made of bamboo to ward off allergies. Your second child got a crib from a consignment shop, and his younger brother used that  same one until it broke. Kid #4 just needs a place where he won’t get trampled on until he’s big enough to join the bunk bed brigade.This gets the job done.

2. Your baby sleeps in a bassinet in your room

You can’t bear the thought of not hearing the baby if she cries in the middle of the night, and you don’t trust a baby monitor to not malfunction. Plus middle of the night feedings are much easier when you don’t have to stumble down the hall. You’re not being overprotective, just pragmatic.

3. Your baby sleeps on a mattress on his bedroom floor because you don’t believe in “baby jails”

You’ve removed everything from the room except for the mattress. Despite the fact that your baby’s room now has less stimulation or furnishings than the average jail cell, you still think this is better for him than a crib. I’m sure you believe amber teething necklaces work, too.

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