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An Epic Love Story About A Pregnant Couple With Science Told With Stock Photos

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Pregnant Love Story With Stock PhotosRachel Sea Keelhaulrose woke up early Saturday morning knowing that this day was going to be different. She had recently started dating a handsome man by the name of CMJ Phillips who his friends sometimes called Wicked Prophet.




They were very happy together and enjoyed having many fun-filled dates. One day Rachel found out she was pregnant and CMJ wasted no time proposing for her hand in marriage:


“Of course I will marry you! I love you!” Rachel exclaimed excitedly. Not only was CMJ handsome and caring and smart, but he was also a gifted scientist and conducted a lot of experiments that Rachel thought would one day change the world for the better. They would be so happy together. In the weeks that followed, they had a lot of fun together. They enjoyed celebrating holidays:



Spent a very Merry Christmas together:



Went shopping:



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