Low-Energy Dogs That Are Perfect For Families With Kids

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Black bergamasco dog

Image: iStock / Black bergamasco shepherd dog with blue sky background.

Bergamasco Shepherd dogs are 71-84 pounds and covered in large matted shaggy coats. People often describe the Bergamasco as the “shaggiest dog in the world.” The best thing is they are super-patient, attentive, and determined.  Back in the day, they were originally used as herd dogs to help farmers keep track of their livestock, but now they are perceived as great family pets. They are also very gentle and friendly with people they know. They don’t require much upkeep, except their thick coats need to be separated into mats (when they are 1 year old. This makes their hair more manageable to wear.  After their hair is separated, you don’t need to brush it again. You don’t have to bathe them but 1-3 times a year.  These dogs are super self-sufficient!

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