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95 Of The Best Knock-Knock Jokes For Kids

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By the time they hit elementary school, most kids LOVE knock-knock jokes. Punny, silly, play-on-words… the more ridiculous the punchline is, the better! As adults, we sometimes forget that knock-knock jokes actually have a bit of a learning curve at first. Don’t be surprised if you have to explain what it means to kids who are used to taking words quite literally. But once they “get” the joke, the laughter you’ll get in response is absolutely worth it.

We’ve collected here dozens and dozens of our very favorite knock-knock jokes. These ones are winners, guaranteed to get explosive laughs out of your kiddo. Print out the list to keep the family busy on your next road trip, or just pull them out slowly when everyone could use a chuckle. Keep it handy for the next time your kid asks you to tell them a joke. However you choose to dole them out, keep these jokes handy!

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