23 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart

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old-fashioned baby names

Image: iStock / tatyana_tomsickova

There is nothing quite like giving your newest little bundle a joy their name. A name is something that will go with them throughout their entire life. So, it is important to give them one that you, and when they grow up, will love. But there are so many names that are so overdone these days, that you cannot turn the corner without running into doubles and even triples of them. According to the Social Security Administration, Jessica, Jennifer and Amanda were the top three most popular girl’s names of the 80’s. As far as boy’s names in the 80’s go, Michael, Christopher and Matthew round the list as the top 3.

It is definitely high time to bring back some of those great old-fashioned names! Ones that have not been heard in quite a while! There are plenty of them out there, too! Some that have not been seen for quite a long time! It is definitely time that they make a resurgence! We would love to see some old-fashioned names climb the baby name charts in the near future! There are some pretty great ones out there, too! We can definitely guarantee that you will fall in love with these names when you see them! Perhaps you will even find inspiration for naming your soon-to-be little one!

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