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9-Month-Old’s Developmental Milestones: A Complete Guide

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Baby is growing up! That little delicious-smelling newborn that didn’t weigh that much more than a small watermelon has grown by leaps and bounds. And he/she isn’t even one year old. All those too-small baby clothes show how your 9-month-old has definitely grown in size. But, we cannot forget about all of the other developmental milestones that you and your S.O. have likely been cooing over and trying in vain to capture on video. (We know the struggle.) There are many of your 9-month-old’s developmental milestones to celebrate.

Read on to find out about 9-month-old’s developmental milestones that your little tyke has hit — or will soon. (You can even use the points as a handy checklist.) Disclaimer: If your baby hasn’t hit a number of things on the list and you are concerned about development disabilities, you can speak to your doctor. Also remember that if your little guy/girl was premature, things might be a bit delayed. But, your baby should hit his/her milestones in his/her own time.

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