These Winning Photos From The 2019 Birth Photography Contest Show The Power Of Family

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Photographers capture small moments of our lives and make them last forever. They give us snippets of events and emotions, things we may have missed. A good photographer looks for the in-between moments – the looks exchanged, the connections. Things we miss when we’re focused on the big stuff. It’s those moments that make an event truly special, and the ones we want to remember forever. Hiring a photographer to document events in your life can help with that. We hire photographers for so many events, like weddings and parties. Many families also hire them to document their birth experience. Birth photography isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s certainly become far more popular in recent years. Just a scroll through some of these 2019 birth photography contest winners explains why.

The thing about birth photography is that each image, each moment captured, is unique. Because every single person’s birth experience is unique. Even if we’ve seen 100 photos of a woman in labor, they’re all different. Because HER birth experience is different. The mechanics of a baby coming into this world don’t change. But the emotions and hidden moments captured by birth photographers are as different as the babies being born. Every year, Birth Becomes Her holds a contest to find amazing images captured during this momentous occasion. The 2019 birth photography contest winners are, as always, stunning examples of this powerful genre. From child birth to postpartum recovery, every single picture tells a story. And every single one of those stories is beautiful.

The 2019 birth photography contest winners fall into five categories. There is hospital, out of hospital, color, black and white, and postpartum. Birth Becomes Her also selects on overall winner, and there are People’s Choice winners in all categories.

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