The Truth About What Life Is Like Before And After Having A Baby

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Life after baby: (sniffs) This smells cleanish, and the spit-up stain can be hidden by the diaper strap, you’re wearing it.


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Siiiiiiiigh. This part of life before and after baby stings a bit. But you’ve got to prepare yourself: you aren’t going to have the time, or the money, or the desire to keep up your routine (at least in the beginning). You will sleep in your makeup, and you will very likely wake up and leave the house in that same makeup. Your morning routine becomes sometimes brushing your teeth, throwing your hair in a messy bun, and checking to make sure you’re wearing a bra. Unless your partner applies your face mask to your face while you’re passed out on the couch from sheer exhaustion, you aren’t going to do it. You’ll be pretty and primed again when your baby is in preschool.

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