(UPDATED) Boys Will Be Boys And ‘Whores Will B Whores’ – The Parents Of The Steubenville Rape Crew

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Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 11.02.06 AMI’ve written about how the parents of the Steubenville rape victim, the Jane Doe in this case, must be feeling. After the video showing Michael Nodianos, a former Steubenville High student and baseball player, laughing his head off and cracking jokes about how the victim was “deader than Caylee Anthony” went viral yesterday, I started wondering about how the parents of the Steubenville “Rape Crew” were feeling. The parents of Nodianos haven’t made a statement to the press, possibly because of the nature of the case being an ongoing investigation. For those of you who couldn’t stomach watching the video, Holly Briley has an example of Nodiandos’ opinion via Twitter.


Ma’lik Richmond‘s parents have both been vocal about the case. Ma’lik, who has been released on bail and had his case moved to the juvenile system, has been charged with rape. He currently resides with foster parents in Steubenville:

Daphne Birden, Richmond’s mother, said she allowed Greg and Jennifer Agresta to assume guardianship of her son because of medical conditions when Richmond was about 8 years old.

Ms. Birden has voiced her opinions on the case on Facebook:



I suppose it’s admirable in a sense that this mother wants to stick up for her son, but it’s also rather horrifying this mother wants to stick up for her son, considering he “allegedly” raped an unconscious girl. Ma’lik’s father, Nathaniel Richmond, has said this about his son:

“I am speaking on behalf of my son, Ma’lik, when I ask you to not rush to a personal judgment. He is a good child, an outstanding student and a credit to Steubenville High School. I ask you to let justice prevail,” stated Richmond.

“If you believe in God, pray for Ma’lik and Trent Mays. These are false charges, and they are innocent of the charges put upon them,” said Richmond.

“Today is Aug. 28, the anniversary of the March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the rights of everyone. I ask you to pray Ma’lik gets a fair trial. And do not believe the propaganda printed in the newspaper to sell papers,” Richmond said before leaving the council meeting.

And from Holly Briley’s website, he also stated this on Facebook:


I have a teenager. I am trying to raise him to be a good man, a man who would never consider having sex with a woman without her direct permission, a man who doesn’t call women “sluts” or “whores”, a man who if he saw a young girl passed out at a party would either protect her or call an adult for help. Because of this case I’ve been speaking to my son about what he should do if he encounters someone at a party who has had too much to drink. I think a lot of parents have.

I don’t think I will ever be in the situation where my son would be accused of rape or an accessory to rape or he would be the type of kid to film a rape or tweet about a rape or make a video laughing his ass off about a raped girl. I am doing everything in my power to raise a kid who would never do any of the above.

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