Kate Middleton Gets Photographed Walking Her Dog, Reminds Us All That We’re Just Muggles

kate middletonGuess what everyone! I walked my dogs morning before I woke my daughter up for school. That’s right. I slipped into some yoga pants and tennis shoes, threw leashes on Buddy and Baloo, and we briskly jogged around the neighborhood a couple times! Aren’t  you all thrilled and excited to get this important insight into my life? No? Well everyone seems super thrilled to hear about Kate Middleton and the royal fetus walking their dog, Lupo.

I guess I could give you the details on her stroll as well. It’s not nearly as exciting as mine.

The Duchess and friend, Trini Foyle, strolled through London’s Hyde Park with Kate’s pup. The Spaniel is thought to be a gift for Kate from her husband, Prince William, for her 30th birthday. (Or maybe they just decided to get a dog?) Middleton wore an LK Bennett brown shearling Darwin jacket, black skinny jeans, and Le Chameau wellies. Kate even trusted her dog Lupo enough to let him off his leash. I bet she’ll be the cool mom at the park who sits back on the bench with her Starbucks instead of hovering over every move the royal baby makes.

Would my dog-walking story be more interesting if I had a friend join me? What if I told you that my two black labs were engagement presents from my husband? I could let you know that my yoga pants were Lululemon? Still nothing?

I guess I just have to admit what we all already know. I’m just a Muggle. I’m nothing compared to the real-life princess (even though that’s not actually her title) and her fairytale royal fetus. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat some lavender shortbread cookies and closely monitor all of the latest Kate Middleton news.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews)

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