10 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck


It’s no secret that I absolutely detest baby shower games. I enjoyed my own baby shower precisely for that reason””my close friend hosting the shower was kind enough to ask if I wanted games or not. I did not hesitate to give her a big fat NOPE and went on to enjoy my shower with my husband””where we mixed and mingled with all of our friends and family without the constant pressure of the dreaded clothespin game.

There are some people who truly enjoy baby shower games, but I have never met them, and I refuse to believe that they really exist. If you ever meet one of these fabled creatures, they are probably pregnant, or they are just lying to you.

The point of the matter is that you are going to encounter baby shower games sometime in your life. You can’t avoid them forever. If you’re pregnant or are hosting a shower for a friend, please, for the love of all that is pure and true, try to think outside the box.

Refrain from torturing your baby shower guests with these not-so-terrible game options:

1. Use a baby face generator to make imaginary bebes.

baby12. Smash a bunch of baby loot in a piñata.


3. Competitive Price Is Right gaming + Nipple Master = My typical Friday night, yo.


4. A baby in an ice cube is probably the least intrusive shower game you will ever play.


5. Avant-garde onesie art to distract bored shower guests.


6. I could be forced to look under my plate if a prize was involved.


7. Another zero-effort baby shower game that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


8. This technically has nothing to do with babies, but YES, PLEASE.


9. A cute and somewhat practical shower game alternative.


10. And my personal favorite”¦ NO STUPID SHOWER GAMES, JUST ALL THE FOOD.


(Image: Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock)

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