Kate Middleton Is Eating Lavender Shortbread Biscuits So We Should Too Even If We Aren’t Constantly Puking

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shutterstock_14991691This Kate Middleton extremely important baby news is affording me the opportunity to brag about my holiday and also talk about cookies, two of my most favorite things ever! It seems that Kate is still suffering from acute morning sickness, but she has been trying to lessen her symptoms by delicately nibbling on lavender biscuits from Fortnum and Mason, the same British gourmet food shop that supplied my Christmas hamper, gifted by some friends in the UK. You guys, I am just like Kate except I did not delicately nibble on cookies, I scarfed them down while attempting to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians to better educate myself on this whole Kimye baby nonsense. The television show was stupid, but the biscuits were amazing!

From Refinery 29:

Sources reveal that the royal has been combatting nausea related to her gnarly case of hyperemesis gravadarum (a.k.a. really horrendous morning sickness) by nibbling on lavender shortbread biscuits.

It seems lavender has long been used to naturally relieve nausea, and in true royal form, KMid has found a suitably posh way to administer her dosage, munching on Camilla and Charles-approved shortbread sourced from Duchy Originals and Fortnum and Mason.

You guys, Fortnum and Mason make the best cookies ever. I am so not joking, judging from the fact I am bereft that we no longer have any in my house because my children finished them. I love that Kate is eating these. It’s so charming. When I was pregnant with my last child I didn’t crave anything elegant and delicate like the Duchess. All I wanted was Thai food and chocolate milk, usually at the same time, a combination that now makes me pukey just thinking about it. This is why Kate Middleton is only slightly more elegant than I am, also because she (probably) never vomited in her bathroom sink while pregnant because she almost didn’t reach the toilet in time. You guys should now feel free to share all the gross things you craved during your pregnancies with the rest of us, so we can all pretend to be as classy as Kate. I promise not to talk about vomiting again.

(photo: Lijuan Guo /shutterstock)