New Mom Confesses to Peeing Her Pants, Is Pretty Much All of Us

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It’s true when they say that your body isn’t the same after childbirth. New mom Sophie Cachia found this out the hard way unfortunately. Cachia, who runs the blog The Young Mummy, recounted the tale of how she peed her pants during a trip with her family recently on Facebook. Her honesty is refreshing because well, in the age of social media, how often do moms feel like they can open up like that?

Under a picture of herself, her husband and their infant daughter she shared this tale:

“That’s right. A full bottle of water, a 4-month-postpartum pelvic floor, and a freeway standstill with traffic is NEVER a good combo. And not just a dribble. Nope. It appears when you’re so desperately holding on and you finally crack, the floodgates open and they cannot be shut. I truly never though this would happen to me. But hey, there’s a first for everything… right?”

Right. But as isolating as it may feel, this is definitely more normal than women probably assume it is. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the biggest cause of incontinence in women is pregnancy and childbirth. Because the fetus is constantly pressing down on your bladder, it makes it less able to hold urine over time. Pregnancy and childbirth also weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which could damage the nerves and make incontinence more likely. That’s why Kegel exercises are important. They’re not a guarantee, but there’s a better chance that those muscles will stay tighter.


This is Sophie Cachia’s second pregnancy, so it’s likely that those muscles are just weak. Christine Greves, M.D. explains it this way “Over time, if the trampoline has a lot of pressure or weight on it, it gets weaker,” she told Yahoo in an interview. “That’s how the pelvic floor can be.” It’s surprisingly common, and yet, doctor’s don’t usually warn you about it.

The most refreshing thing about Sophie Cachia’s post is not that she peed her pants, (though that is pretty freakin’ hilarious) but that she was willing to put it out there.

As moms, there are some things that happen that could happen to any new mom. But we are so afraid to put the less than magnificent parts on social media. We all know that motherhood isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and yet we don’t share those parts enough. So Bravo to Sophie Cachia, and I hope she doesn’t get stuck in that situation again!

(Image: Facebook / Sophie Cachia – The Young Mummy)