NYC Nanny Charged With Murdering Krim Children Formally Claims She Didn’t Do It

The devastating case of the murdered Krim children, Lucia and Leo, continued with the nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, entering her plea. And in response to the charges of first- and second-degree murder, Ortega has formally claimed that she is “not guilty” for such a crime.

Given the speculation regarding Ortega’s mental state at the time of Krim murders, I imagine her legal team are compiling quite the defense against her intention to actually murder those children. But with emerging details that things weren’t so copacetic between Ortega and her employers, what with her being faced with termination and unwanted domestic chores, it appears as though we’re going to two very distinct depictions of this mother of one in court: the malicious disgruntled employee who knew full well what she was doing or the mother adrift untreated mental anguish and financial strain who simply snapped.

Associated Press reports that she was not actually present in court because she is still being treated in a hospital for her self-inflicted stab wounds:

Yoselyn Ortega, who was handcuffed to her hospital bed and wearing a blue hair net, entered the plea through her attorney. She appeared alert but didn’t speak during the 10-minute hearing.

The court date has been set for January of 2013, but until then, a judge has ordered that Ortega be held without bail while she is receiving a psychiatric exam. Hopefully, a clear assessment of her mental state will be determined at that time.

(photo: FikMik/ Shutterstock)

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