Daniel Craig Is Trying To Turn Adele’s Baby Into A Mini James Bond

adeleWell, we still don’t have a lot of details about Adele and Simon Konecki‘s little bundle of joy. Like his name, we don’t know that. But we have learned that if Daniel Craig has anything to do about it, this little boy will be a mini-James Bond.

Latest reports say that the actor sent Adele some gifts for her little guy to thank the singer for her Skyfall theme song. These presents included a Tom Ford baby clothes, since the designer was in charge of all Craig’s costumes for the latest Bond flick. Even better, Adele’s baby received it’s own miniature Aston Martin, an exact replica of the one driven in the movie. My daughter’s Power Wheel is looking pretty pathetic right now, guys.

Of course, Craig isn’t the only celebrity to shower gifts on this baby. Sir Elton John has been helping mom with parenting advice and probably sent over some adorable baby gear. Rihanna sent the singer some “humorous” baby onesies. Considering how obsessed everyone is with his talented Mama, it only makes sense that the whole world wants to love on this little guy.

It is interesting though, the most we know about Adele’s baby is how many other celebrities are rushing to fawn over him. We know about the gifts guys like Daniel Craig are sending over for the happy couple and their son.

For their part, Adele and Simon and have been complete radio silence about the little boy. While I respect their privacy and really admire their resolve, I can’t help but admit that I am getting a little curious. I mean, music royalty was just born and we don’t even know his name! All we know is that his play car was probably more expensive than the one I drive around everyday.

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