Exes That Are Besties: Parents Courteney Cox And David Arquette

Courteney CoxNo divorce-shaming here. Courteney Cox and ex-husband David Arquette may have announced their divorce in 2010, but the parents of Coco Riley Arquette appear to have a copasetic post-marital relationship — at least when the cameras are rolling.

Courteney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and chatted openly about her daughter’s father, saying “we are best friends” and “I adore him.” Jimmy commented:

“You’re really making everyone that’s ever split up with anyone look very, very bad.”

Courteney reportedly laughed in response, adding that that was their intention.

It may just be for show, but celebrity couples and parents carrying on in a dignified manner in the press following a divorce is a trend that I could definitely get used to. If for no other reason that when the kids grow up, they won’t discover magazine covers with ugly quotes narrating the split of their parents.

Gone seem to be the days of Donald Trump and Ivana  in which the “don’t get mad, get everything” mentality reigned headlines. These days, Russell Brand doesn’t want any of Katy Perry‘s money, Heidi Klum and Seal are “divorc[ing] with dignity,” and Courteney And David Arquette are “best friends.”

(photo: WENN)

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