This 10-Year-Old Found Out the Truth About Santa, and Her Furious Response Is Going Viral

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Young Boy in Awe Sits on Santa's Lap(Photo via Avid Creative, Inc./iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

It can be heartbreaking for a kid to learn that Santa Claus isn’t real. I personally don’t remember it being very difficult for me, because I figured it out early and was a smug little jerk who thought knowing the truth made me way smarter than all the other kids. Also, I had a younger sibling to pretend for–and also upon whom I could drop a truth bomb whenever I wanted if she made me mad enough. (The truth about Santa is power for a little kid.) Also, I never felt betrayed by the idea that my parents were lying to me, because I did not think my parents were lying to me. I thought my parents were dumb and legitimately did not know themselves. I remember asking my mom if she believed in Santa Claus, and my mother said, “Well … I believe in the spirit of Christmas …” and I just threw her this long, disdainful side-eye and said, “Ugh. You’re just saying that because you don’t know.”

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For a lot of kids, though, it can be very difficult to learn the truth. My husband maintains that he was traumatized by the knowledge that Santa was a fib and his mother had been lying to him about something he loved. And one 10-year-old girl who recently discovered the truth for herself evidently felt the same way.

According to Scary Mommy, Maryland parents Mike and Nicki Adams have managed to go 10 years without their daughter Belle finding out about Santa, but this year she came out and asked them point-blank if Santa was real, so they decided it was time for her to know and told her the truth. Belle was pissed.

Belle locked herself in her room, and as her parents tried to comfort her from outside the door, she slipped them a note from under the door.  At that point, they say, they had to stifle some serious laughter, because Belle’s note is furious, but also adorable.


(Photo: Facebook/Nicki Adams)

“We were at her closed bedroom door trying to comfort her when she slid the note. We went from tears to uncontrollable laughter in seconds,” they said.

“You have no idea what you just did,” Belle wrote. “I really tried to believe. Everyone told me it’s your parents. I can’t believe you anymore. Is the Easter Bunny real? How ’bout the Tooth Fairy, huh? You just ruined a 10-year-old child’s LIFE. Thanks.”

I’m so conflicted about how to feel about this one! I feel terrible for the little girl who is very clearly upset, but on the other hand … I can’t stop giggling at this note, because she added a hashtag at the end and drew in three middle-finger emojis! (It looks like she had to practice the middle finger emoji a bit.)

Kids today don’t even need iPhones to communicate with emojis, they’ll just draw their own.

Belle’s parents say she has since come to terms with the truth about Santa and is not angry anymore. She’s actually excited about getting to help play Santa for younger kids, and that’s fantastic. Also, her parents will have this note around forever, and Belle will probably think it is hilarious when she is 30.