Holly Madison Soon To Be A Card Carrying Member Of The Celeb Single Mommy Club

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holly madisonCharlize Theron did it, so that must make it glamorous! Holly Madison, formerly Hugh Hefner‘s #1 lady, may have ditched the Playboy Mansion but she’s now on to nurseries.

Thirty-three-year-old Holly tells In Touch magazine that she really wants to be a mother and has already begun the adoption process with mentoring service Hold My Hand. Holly’s new son or daughter will reportedly be from Africa or South Korea. Because Holly is a lady in her 30s, she of course has to justify to the tabloids why she hasn’t exactly gotten around to parenting until now:

Holly faults her trying schedule, which is jam-packed with events and theater roles, as the main reason she doesn’t have a bundle of joy just yet.

“I love performing in the theater, and you can’t really do that when you’re pregnant,” the former Girl Next Door star explains.

Other things you probably can’t do while pregnant: be a Playboy bunny, be a sexpot, be a sexpot Playboy bunny who makes a career out of sexpotness. Given our cultural inability to reconcile sexiness and allure with pregnancy or motherhood, you can’t really fault Holly for keeping her body — and therefore her money-maker — baby-free.

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