10 Terrible Pieces Of Advice That Every New Mom Hears

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baby cryingBeing a new mother is so exciting. It’s also exhausting and occasionally stressful, but still exciting. Maybe that’s why moms are content to just smile and nod at people who spout out advice they didn’t ask for. Maybe that’s why ladies accept the parenting “wisdom” from those who haven’t worried about it in a couple decades. Maybe all that excitement explains random people’s inclination to lend a helping hand by doling out completely unsolicited “mommy tips.”

Yes, the excitement is what we’re going to blame this on.

But whatever the reason, moms hear more tips than a Crimestoppers hotline. The presence of a baby in your general vicinity almost guarantees that you’re going to be given a few helpful pieces advice about the art of childrearing.

There’s just a small problem with all those little pearls of wisdom. Every mom is different. Every infant is different. Every situation has it’s own unique challenges and solutions. Every parent needs to find what works for them, and it often doesn’t align with all these wonderful little pieces of advice.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop mothers from hearing these truly terrible (or terribly obnoxious) bits of advice at least a couple times a week from well-meaning friends, family members, acquaintances or random people at the grocery store.