Dr. Oz Is Already Telling Kim And Kanye How To Parent

kim kardashian 2013 MTV Movie AwardsWelcome to the new parents club Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! My records indicate that you’ve only been doing this mommy daddy thing for a few days but completely unsolicited advice about the job you’re doing is already here courtesy of Dr. Oz.

The doctor and television host tells Us Weekly that he knows exactly what the new parents need to be doing now that they have a premature daughter. How does he know this aside from his own medical background? Why, because he had a premature baby too:

 “I’ve been following Kim’s story, which I have a personal interest in aside from being a doctor,” he shares. “Our youngest child [Oliver] was born five weeks premature. So I know how hair-raising that is, and the most important thing to recognize is today, we can actually get kids to survive almost always, but if you don’t manage them really well early on, they can grow up to develop all kinds of issues.”

The new parents will need to really put the focus on their pre-term newborn in the coming weeks, he says. “We change how a child responds to a world around it in those first few weeks of life, so they ought to really focus in on that little girl.”

“It’s sacred, those first few months, for all babies but especially for the premature,” he explains. “It’s a sacred time. They should focus on the child.”

In case you didn’t catch the rather overt sentiments in the statement peppered with “should” and “ought to,” Dr. Oz thinks that the new parents need to devote themselves 100 percent to their new daughter or, you know, “issues” might surface. Does that mean if Kim and Kanye’s daughter just so happens to not have an affinity for standardized test taking, or something, we can retrospectively blame Kim for cruising around in Kanye’s Lamborghini in the early stages of postpartum life? Your preemie daughter clearly wasn’t your priority, Kim! You once stepped out and got a mani/pedi. Goodness, let’s hope not. The finger has officially been wagged.

(photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)

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