A Child’s Decision Tree Is a Terrifying Look Into a Kid’s Brain

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I’m always trying to get my children to consider the consequences to their decisions. It’s not an easy concept to teach kids who only care about instant gratification. So when I heard about “decision trees,” I thought they would be a good tool to help illustrate the concept of positive and negative consequences. But then I came across this child’s decision tree and, well…I don’t know if I actually want a window into my child’s brain.

A few days ago, Imgur user plottwist96 uploaded this meme of a child’s decision tree:

Uh...this decision tree is unsettling

Image: Imgur

(Let’s overlook the fact that this meme was made by someone who has obviously never spent time around a three-year-old. If I had to guess, I’d put the author of this decision tree around seven or eight.)

The kid’s problem seems fairly universal to anyone who grew up with a sibling. “My sister socked me in the nose.” Under information needed, we find out that despite said sister being littler, the punch in the nose still hurt. Okay kid, I’m still with you.

It’s when the decision-maker starts listing all the possible solutions for the “problem” that things get uh, interesting.

Option A: Punch her lights out. Positive consequences: I will be happy. Negative consequences: I will get in trouble.

Option B: Tell on her. Positive consequences: She will get in trouble. Negative consequences: I will be a tattletale.

Option C: Lock her in the closet. Positive consequences: I will never see her again. Negative consequences: I don’t see any.

And the kid’s ultimate decision?

Lock her in the closet.

I'm sorry, what did you just say?

I know that a sibling relationship isn’t always easy, and I know there are definitely times that my own kids probably think similarly, but I think I am happier not knowing about the mean and evil thoughts they have about each other!

What do you think about this? Should this child’s parents be worried? Let us know in the comments!

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