12 Alternatives To Trying To Keep A Sparkling Clean House After Kids, As Illustrated By Game of Thrones

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Keeping your house as clean as it was before you had kids is a nice idea, and so is having a pet unicorn. Unfortunately, both things are equally unlikely. Instead of spending your day cleaning up messes that are immediately re-messed-up by your adorable offspring, here are a few alternatives to dealing with your current state of household mayhem.

Instead of washing that giant pile of dishes in the sink:

1. Have a second glass of wine.

cersei lannister wine(via)

You don’t have to wash a glass as long as there’s still wine in it. Plus, you’re recycling! Go you, you eco-hero!

2. Serve finger foods.

daenerys eating the heart(via)

Sandwiches for every meal = no plates or utensils required. You could use paper plates, too; but that’s both wasteful and it would require you to make a trip from the table to the garbage can after eating. Why bother?

3. Schedule meals during play dates.

joffrey arya(via)

Bring your own food, but eat it on someone else’s plates. If they cop to your trick, just rave about how you enjoy visiting their lovely home until they’re mollified.

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