Kim Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby Girl

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shutterstock_128413619__1371329461_142.196.156.251The baby Yeezus is here! The baby Yeezus is here!

Okay. Not the official name. Kim Kardashian has reportedly given birth to a healthy baby girl, five weeks short of her due date – with Kanye West by her side. The couple welcomed the baby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The original due date for the baby was July 11 – but she came a month early.  A source at the hospital told Us Weekly, “Kim had her baby. She’s five weeks early. Kim got sick last night and had the baby early.” The source added, “They’re all doing great and amazing!”

KIm confirmed that they were having a girl on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Do you think this birth will appear on air as well? We shall see.

I wonder if she had that c-section we were speculating about this morning? I wonder how long it will take Weight Watchers to approach her with some multi-million dollar deal to lose her baby weight? I wonder if the baby will leave the hospital in a leopard-print onesie? The suspense is killing me!

All kidding aside, I hope the news is right and their little bundle of joy is healthy. Congratulations Kim and Kanye.

UPDATE: Still no official name, weight, or pictures. The only thing we know is that she will live a life of complete awesomeness at all times. Beauty, truth, awesomeness.

(photo: karen roach/ Shutterstock)