10 Things Just As ‘Brave’ As Wearing A Bikini While Pregnant

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Doling out the B word for women who don a bikini while pregnant is derogatory considering what actually merits the word “brave.” Saving people from a burning building, confronting an attacker, and running a marathon as an amputee all come to mind. The whole leaving the house without makeup/ bikini while pregnant narrative is all water from the same condescending Lady well.

But to put the feat in proper perspective, the Mommyish staff and I have come up with tasks just as “brave.” I hope you brought your courage with you today.

1. Going to IKEA on a Saturday


You warrior.

(photo:  infomatique)

2. Going to a new hair salon

shaved head design

Does carry a certain risk factor.

(photo: Easy Street Discount)

3. Cooking for your in-laws

older man grabbing woman's breast

Good luck

(photo:  brottj316)

4. Going to the DMV


I salute you.

(photo: rocketdogphoto)

5. Washing your whites with your darks

cat on laundry

Oh, you crafty.

(photo: Nick D.M)

6. Getting a root canal




7. Watching Fox News

[brightcove_vid playerid=”9″ flashvars=”videoId=2421402140001&,AAAAAASoY90~,_gW1ZHvKG_0UvBsh7aZU7MXZe77OcsGq&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true”]

You’re braver than me.

8. Eating airline food

airline foodStomach of a champion.

(photo: toshi.roshi)

9. Taking your toddler out without a change of clothes

toddler wth sunglasses

What you trying to prove?

(photo: PLecce)

10. Buying your 13-year-old daughter a Halloween costume

teen alice in wonderland costumeYou’ve been to the battlefield.