Kim Kardashian Finally Wears Flats – Pregnant Women Everywhere Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

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shutterstock_128849323__1364995600_70.118.110.28When you’re a pregnant celebrity, you’re damned if you do – damned if you don’t. This was proven today by all of the media coverage of Kim Kardashian in flats. Yes, she is six-months pregnant, but apparently that’s not a reason to refrain from strutting around in five inch heels everyday. Weren’t we just slamming Kate Middleton for wearing heels while pregnant last week? What’s a pregnant girl in the public eye to do?

I never watch Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, but I happened to catch an episode last week. I was sort of rolling my eyes at the story line – surprise, surprise. Kim was stressing out about all of the media coverage she gets about what she wears. She was obsessively shopping throughout the entire show. She didn’t even seem to be enjoying herself. That woman is in the public eye. Her product is herself – and it’s clearly getting to her. I actually started to feel bad for her. I can’t imagine being that consumed with the way I look. Definitely not while pregnant.

I’m 33-weeks pregnant and the thought of spending any time at all in a dressing room makes my skin crawl. My wardrobe varies a lot. Totally kidding. I have about dozen pairs of yoga pants that I try to dress up with a cute top. That’s my whole fashion game. I think Kim has been looking really cute throughout her pregnancy. Yes, she’s gaining weight. She’s pregnant – that’s what happens when you are growing a human. She already had curvy figure before her pregnancy. Where people expecting her to slim down?

The diet/wardrobe/body shaming that goes on with pregnant celebrities is unbearable. I’m sure there are some women who manage to still feel svelt and sexy throughout their pregnancies, but for the rest of us it’s kind of an uncomfortable time. I love being pregnant, but that’s probably because I don’t have to look at pictures of myself on every tabloid that exists while I’m shopping for dinner.

Kim – keep wearing the flats. Seriously. You look adorable in your new pregnancy style of looser fitting, more comfortable looking clothes and shoes. And you’re doing every pregnant woman in America who has to look at constant coverage of pregnant celebrities in fabulous gowns and heels a huge favor. Embrace the flats and yoga pants! There will be enough pressure on you to look amazing after the baby is born. Give your pregnant self a break.

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