Knocked-Up Kim Kardashian Working Out With Celebrity Trainer Mommy-Body-Shamer

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Kim Kardashian leaving the gymYou all need to stop panicking about Kim Kardashin and what her post-baby body will look like! Just stop it right now! I know so many of you have been losing sleep over this and pacing your floors, concerned that Kim won’t get into post-baby shape fast enough and that she might gain weight while pregnant with her Kimye spawn, but don’t you worry! Celebrity fitness trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson aka, the trainer who really loathes your post-baby body, will be helping Kim keep her figure. From The Daily Mail:

‘Tracy Anderson is keeping me in shape!’ she wrote of the trainer, who has famously worked with stars from Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow.

‘She is helping me make the adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby.

‘It’s really important for me to have a fitness routine that works for my body and my schedule and I’m really happy with the workout plan Tracy is working with me on.’

Something that is totally not suspicious at all about this endorsement is that Tracy has a new line of workout of nine DVD’s entitled (Can you guess? Can you guess?) “The Pregnancy Project.” Now, now, I know some of you more cynical readers may be thinking that Kim possibly received some sort of compensation for this statement, maybe even monetary of some sort, but I doubt it. Because wouldn’t it seem a bit tacky and odd that a woman with a brand-spanking new fetus growing inside of her would actually be using her delicate condition as a marketing ploy to make money and receive free junk? That would be sort of fame-mongering and money-grubbing and weird, would it not? I really don’t think a lady like Kim Kardashian would do such a thing.

For all of you KK fans out there, I’m simply teasing. I know very little about this Kardashian klan, but I am trying to learn. I watched one episode of their very popular reality television program the other day and saw a bunch of girls who looked very similar whining about clothing, Kanye West sulking in an armchair, and some very angry guy who looked identical to Christian Bale as Patrick Batemen in American Psycho be all sort of man-cranky about stuff. I feel all enlightened now. I’m sure I will discover more as the Kimye money-making-extravagnza pregnancy progresses.

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