Your Daily Ick: Sales Of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Skyrocket After News Of Her Pregnancy

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kim kardashianToday, in news that will make you sick to your stomach, the announcement of Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy has had a strong impact on sales of the reality star’s sex tape. Mainly, Vivid Entertainment says that sales of “Kim K. Superstar” have skyrocketed ever since people found out that the lady was carrying a baby in that well-known reproductive system.

In general, the company admits that sales have surged ever since Kim started dating Kanye West. Apparently, those interested in seeing the celebrity naked get excited by the idea of her dating another famous person. However, the baby news really seems to inflame interest. They say that they’ve had an 80% spike since Sunday, when West revealed the pregnancy during a show in Atlantic City.

One could argue that it’s just Kim’s name being so prominent in the headlines that renewed interest in her original claim to fame. (Remember when she was just another LA partier with a sex tape? A poor man’s Paris Hilton.) That seems like a lame excuse though, given that the Kardashians are pretty much constantly in the news. There’s no way that someone forgot Kim existed for a while and was just reminded when her pregnancy went public.

The more likely and more disturbing inspiration for the increased sales of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is the very fact of pregnancy itself. Maybe the viewers feel like they can only get excited by Kim for a short time longer, that after she becomes a mom it will no longer feel appropriate to look at her in a sexual manner. Maybe it’s just that pregnancy automatically encourages thoughts of sex. I mean, we all know where babies come from. Maybe pregnancy is a turn on.

Whatever the reason, we can’t help but feel a little grossed out that a woman’s pregnancy announcement results in lots of people wanted to watch her have sex in a video that she openly admits to regretting. Kim Kardashian, whatever her public image, is about to become somebody’s mom. It’s sad to think that this fact makes her sexual exploitation more attractive to some.