Florida Infant Abandoned In Maggot Infested House And I’m Rage Writing This Article

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Florida Infant Abandoned In Maggot Infested HouseI’m rage-typing this article and I am having such a difficult time being articulate in this case. I’m typing but it’s hard to form coherent sentences and I’m sure my disgust is making me create all sorts of bizarre grammatical errors and  I just feel like I should write :



And be done with it. I understand there are reasons why people do what they do. I’m aware of things like mental illness and drug addition and plain ‘ol  bad parenting but it still doesn’t make being able to comprehend the actions of certain people any easier

Police arrived at a home in Groveland, Florida belonging to 20-year-old Ellen Burns after a neighbor called them to report the mother had left her 10-month-old baby home alone. From

According to the arrest affidavit, when deputies arrived around 9:30 p.m., they found the child asleep in the crib with no one else in the house.

The deputies claim the house was filthy, with a clogged-up toilet, exposed wiring, maggots in the kitchen and an old bottle of crusty baby formula lying in the corner.
When authorities arrived to examine the child, they said they found a severe rash on his genitals and legs as well as his torso.

The child has been placed in foster care by the Department of Children and Families, and the mother claims she had asked two friends to watch him while she was out, but the neighbor sent the friends away after she explained to them that the police were on route.

Now, I can try and be sympathetic in this situation, because the mom is a bit young and looking at her house it’s obvious that she doesn’t have a lot of money and her home needs a lot of repairs, but considering the mother also tested positive for drugs when she spent the night in jail it’s a bit difficult for me to be fully on her side. You know what costs less than drugs? A bucket, some rags, and a bottle of bleach. I don’t care how poor you are, there is just no damn excuse for living in a home that is filthy and filled with maggots.

The Department of Children and Families say they are working on reuniting the baby with his mother. I’m working on not throwing my laptop out my window after reporting this story.